An important detail

This copper alloy coin, which was minted in Rome between the autumn and the end of the year in 111 AD, was unearthed in 1907 in Bois-et-Borsu, in the province of Liège. It was probably part of the rich funerary furnishings of a cremation site dated to the last third of the second century AD. This was discovered under a house by Firmin Hénaux, a collaborator of the Liège Archaeological Institute. The legend of the obverse indicates that the emperor Trajan (53–117), conqueror of the Germans and Dacians and consul for the 5th time, was appointed consul for the 6th time. The bronze Trajan coins mentioning this new designation are rare, and, on the few known copies, a part of the military coat of the Emperor, the paludamentum, can be seen on the shoulder. The lack of this clothing detail on our example is very important: it makes this coin, to date, one-of-a-kind !

Numéro d'inventaire FLORA
Année d'exécution
Rome, automne 111
Tombe 2 de Bois-et-Borsu (province de Liège)
D. 32 mm ; poids 22,44 g