I live here

For I live here, twenty students of journalism from IHECS immersed themselves in the lives of immigrants in Liège, as part of a photo journalism workshop. 

The generous welcome was the most surprising aspect. The story is shared at the heart of families; they narrate the story of their lives around a meal and take photos from the shoebox. The apprentice photo journalist may be the only visit of the day, unless they stir memories of elsewhere, somewhere far from here; perhaps they will become the children's playmate, the confidante of a tired wife or a witness to the fringes of our society.
The QG is the RAVI. Stories are built, images are edited and everyone’s experience expands. Here, we do not talk about photography; instead, everyone narrates their day and talks about their encounter.
Through the lens of these students, the a priori will fall, with the images telling us unique and endearing stories.