Costa Lefkochir 1987 - 2017

Paintings – sculptures- installations

From Greece to Africa, Palestine to India, the Middle East to France and Belgium, discover the inspiration of the artist Costa Lefkochir. A unique journey through two hundred paintings, sculptures, artefacts, photo installations and videos, this is the result of thirty years of creativity.


The Orient Express

The Orient Express is a legendary name that has continued to inspire writers and film-makers, as evidenced by the recent release of Kenneth Branagh's latest film, "Murder on the Orient Express”, based on the novel by Agatha Christie.

Andromache's theriac

In this month of intense medical activity, the Grand Curtius is highlighting this Delft earthenware pharmacy jar dating from the early 18th century, found in the Bavarian hospital. The inscription at the centre of the jar provides information about its contents: the Andromachean theriac, from the Greek thêriakos meaning "that which concerns poisonous beasts". A remedy sometimes adulated, sometimes denounced, let it take you on a journey through the centuries of its history, from Ancient Greece to the mysterious pharmacies of Liège, not forgetting the doctor of Emperor Nero, whose name it will retain.

The Ramayana by Samhita Arni and Moyna Chitrakar

A few days before the celebration of the International Women's Rights Day, the Grand Curtius honors this revisiting of the Ramayana, a true pillar of the Hindu religion, contesting the achievements of King Ramah as well as the reputation of his wife, judged guilty of a fault she had not committed. By giving him the floor and the opportunity to give his version of the facts, the artists Samhita Arni and Moyna Chitrakar revisit the violence suffered by women yesterday and today, and stand against the male oppression that has so far guided the reading of the events recounted in the epic.